Artisan Gelato Pints

Do you love frozen dairy snacks but feel guilty when you indulge in ice cream? Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy is here with the solution you need. We offer gelato pints that you and the whole family can enjoy. And with our natural ingredients and low amount of fat and sugar, you'll love each and every spoonful.

Enjoy Natural Ingredients and Great Tastes

At Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy, we take pride in using the finest and the freshest ingredients possible. Our location in Michigan's fruit and dairy belt makes it easy to obtain the freshest fruit and the highest quality milk for our artisan gelato pints.

We also make sure that no artificial growth hormones are used in the farming of our ingredients. Plus, we never add corn syrup or artificial ingredients to any of our gelatos.

We love creating artisanal flavors that pack a punch, such as our white chocolate raspberry gelato or our fresh mango sorbetto. Choose whichever pint you think sounds the best and order it today; we can ship to anywhere in the United States.

Trust Our Experienced Team

We have created quality and artisan dairy treats for 35 years now, and we're still dedicated to quality and flavor. You'll love each and every gelato pint that you try. Click on the links above to order your gelato today, or contact us at 1-800-4GELATO.