600+ Flavors

Merriam-Webster's defines gelato (Gee-la-toe) as "a soft rich ice cream containing little or no air." Our gelato is true to the original culinary recipes of Italy's past: made with uncompromised raw ingredients and little to no air whipped in. Our sorbetto is Italian style sorbet made with fresh fruit juice and fruit pulp.

Small Batches

Palazzolo's makes gelato the old-fashioned way so you can benefit from a dense, creamy and truly artisanal product. We never use premade gelato components or large-volume machinery freezers that we believe compromise quality.

Come inside our 50,000-square-foot HACCP-run facility and you'll see our gelato chefs working with small batch freezers. Inventing something new or adjusting an existing flavor to meet your needs is easy for us since every batch is made to order. And unlike big commercial freezers that can only incorporate special flavorings, batch freezers allow us to spin whole fruit and nuts with our fresh dairy.

More Scoops

There are two major benefits to the fact that we whip much less air into our gelato than conventional ice cream. First, our gelato is naturally creamy without the use of unhealthy, greasy additives. There is nothing artificial about its creamy goodness. Second, you profit from more scoops per volume. For example, a 2.5-gallon tub of Palazzolo's gelato yields an average of 30 more 4-oz. scoops than a 3-gallon tub of conventional ice cream.

Premium Ingredients

Established relationships with both local farmers and international suppliers allow us to procure a huge assortment of fresh, premium ingredients at greatest efficiency. You can be assured that the rich, intense flavors and bright colors of our gelato and sorbetto are the result of real, premium ingredients from around the world... from Michigan sugar and California blood oranges to noble cocoa beans from Criolla in the Los Ríos province of Ecuador. Because we never compromise our process, you benefit from a superior gelato.