20 December 2012

Reflecting on 12 and looking forward to 13

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We thank our terrific loyal (local, regional and national) distributors...from the small independents to the big boys. We are proud to be with every one of you and appreciate all you do for us and your end-user customers.

We especially thank our direct-shipment customers, also big and small. Of course the bigger ones are the customers that instantly pop into our heads. You're the ones we've coached for years and know most intimately. You order nearly every week, are always asking for suggestions and seem to go along with our recommended pricing and service advice. In 2013, we're anxious to bring our currently smaller customers up to those levels and expectations too. Just remember, we're here because of you and for you.

To our future customers, thank you for looking at our page. If you're here because you're considering adding gelato & sorbetto to your concept, please heed our long-held advice. We became the culinary leader in gelato and sorbetto and are quickly doing the same with our expanding lines of frozen yogurt and vegan soft-serve, because we stay true to our mission of only using real, raw and uncompromised ingredients while listening to our restaurant chefs and customers needs. If we used the artificial flavorings and scientific components that the others rely on, we'd be just like everyone else...or worse, out of business. Same careful thoughts should be considered for every aspect of what you're offering your customers.

By continuously looking for ways to stay out of reach of our competition and by always focusing on how we can be better and different, we hope to be able to stay on top & welcome you to come along for the ride.